On November 26, BOE Innovation Partner Conference 2019 (BOE IPC·2019), themed "ICPST+: Empowering Application Scenarios", opened at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, bringing together over 1,000 companies as well as industry experts from across the globe to discuss IoT application and its future. Olicom was invited to attend this conference.

As a highly influential international IoT gathering, BOE IPC has been held four times and grown into an important innovation platform for partners in the global IoT industry. At this year's conference, BOE focused on empowering application scenarios, unveiled innovations in niche markets together with its global partners, and displayed a full range of its innovative applications and solutions in its three areas of business – Interface Devices, Smart IoT System, and Smart Medicine and Engineering Integration.

In recent years, BOE has deeply integrated technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other IoT technologies, and provided innovative products and solutions for thousands of application scenarios in niche markets. At BOE IPC 2019, BOE presented its IoT solutions including smart IoV, 8K+5G, smart retail, digital art, and illumination art, which open up more possibilities of innovative application for customers.

Olicom is known as the leading global player and provider in the Banking & Postal Business, leading solution provider for digital transformation and smart solutions, as well as the manufacturer and owner of EMR core technology in the field of biometrics identification and human-machine interaction.

We have established the worldwide strategic partnership with BOE Commerce& Business BU/ Smart IoT System BG since this August. Both parties are working together to provide intelligent interface devices and professional services in the field of information interaction by accurate market positioning and mutual strengths and capacity integration.

BOE Smart IoT System BG focuses on IoT segmented markets to provide smart interaction and human healthcare solutions to the clients. Olicom, who mastered the core technology of EMR, will be able to develop more suitable products with BOE’s leading display technology and support.

In the exhibition area, BOE exhibited a full range of its globally leading innovative display technologies such as 8K BD cell, 8K mini LED, 8K inkjet-printed OLED, foldable OLED, and large-sized DID OLED, sensing technologies that can be applied to medical imaging, fingerprint identification, smart windows, biological detection and other fields, as well as innovative products and solutions such as smart manufacturing services, smart business, smart home, smart healthcare, and smart travel.

During the event, Olicom was authorized as the "Core Partner" by BOE for our outstanding performance in terms of highly consistent development goals, leading core technology integration and global market expansion capabilities.

Driven by innovation and defined by excellence, we'll work with our new partner to create a win-win situation through collaborative innovation in different application scenarios.

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